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Penpisuthboonnoon - 02 UX Designer's Portfolio

Project 2 "Design a pet registration flow for a veterinarian"

Project 2

Why I choose this sharpen and prompt.

Key : Uxdesign, webdesign, Penpisuthboonnoon

Google used Sharpen to generate projects for the students, so I click to received “Design a pet registration flow for a veterinarian.” I studied in a faculty of veterinary medicine of Khonkaen university after that I had been designing to change the journey of my life in 2013. This sharpen bring back my cherished travel memories. 

I see a few of a vet hospital website in Thailand. 

Vet hospital is the place that pet owners need to take their pet to visit the vet. So, the pet owner is the user of this website(product). Therefore, visitors need to be exposed the vet hospital review or give an information about their, contact vet (in accident case) and provide a plan to have a treatment here. The sharpen gave me the task that “Design a pet registration flow for a veterinarian” however, in this project I will focus only the registration process which from the pet owner give their pet information to the veterinarian for give the convenient to users and increase customers of vet hospital.      

The old picture "me and my friend" when I was the vet student.


I randomly choose to interview the pet owner from some vet Clinique (1 person). 

Screener survey 

Thailand, I contacted 1 potential user, interviews through zoom video was conducted with 1 potential user. 



The goal of the interviews was to understand : 

  • The process an emotions that people have experienced prior, during and after came to service from the vet hospitals.

  • Common needs, goals and frustrations through the process. 

The empathy maps


UX Story

Story Board

Value proposition

To create the value proposition, I made 3 steps:

1.  List of features of the product. 


     I listed things that I can think about the

     proposition of the website.

2.  Value of the product


     From the personas, I can conclude 4 main

     value of the website


    -  Accessibility,

    -  Website’s content,

    -  Functional,

    -  and Emotional or Users’ Feel.

3. Finally I get the value proposition of

    the website.


     I had connected the features in step 2

     which I think they made users need the

     product before I categories them to

     “Accessibility” and “Usability &


After I did all processes in Competitive audit I move to Crazy Eights. 


Crazy Eights


Site map

I created a sitemap to give an overall view of pages needed and general architecture. 

The categories selected user's pain points , crazy eights and Ux story that "make the outstanding Register button and use Red color for stimuli seeing of the user." I used the site map as the foundation for my designs.

Low fidelity prototype

High fidelity prototype

To created a high-fidelity prototype, I connected all screens.

Mock up

Finally I can made my mock up and 

So you can click the link to views them.

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